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Employee testimonials

Applium employees are in the best position to give their opinion and talk about their company.

In May 2021, we asked several of them to go in front of the camera and talk about their experience at Applium, their job, their life outside work and their passions.
The first six employees took part in the game.
Some of them, such as Agathe, Jérôme, Bruno and Antoine, have been with the company for many years and can testify to its evolution since its creation almost 20 years ago. Others, on the other hand, have arrived recently with a different experience and a fresh perspective. This is the case of Laure and Joseph. In any case, their sincere and humorous feedback is the best way to understand the atmosphere and state of mind that prevails at Applium.
We would like to thank them for the time they devoted to making these films and for the positive words they used to describe their experiences at Applium.

Portrait #1 - Jérôme and Bruno - Shooting on 24 June 2021 in Clichy

Bruno is in charge of the MOVEtoDIGITAL division, dedicated to dematerialization and archiving solutions (OpenText)
Jérôme is Operations Director.
Jérôme and Bruno have both been with Applium since 2007.

Portrait #2 - Agathe - Shooting on June 24th 2021 in Clichy

At Applium since 2007, Agathe is responsible for sales administration.

Portrait #3 - Antoine - Shooting on 13 July 2021 in Lyon

With Applium since 2017, Antoine is a functional SAP Logistics consultant, based in Lyon

Portrait #4 - Laure - Shooting on 2 September 2021 in Bordeaux

Laure arrived in February 2021 as a functional SAP finance consultant in the Bordeaux office.

Portrait #5 - Joseph - Shooting on September 2, 2021 in Bordeaux

Arrived in June 2018 as SAP Technical-Functional Consultant/TPA Account Manager within the SAP Support and Maintenance Center (CSM), Joseph was entrusted with the management of the CSM in September 2019.

And more testmonies to come...