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Values and assets

Applium wishes to grow by respecting the values in which it believes, and which are shared by all its employees:


We apply high quality standards while maintaining the pragmatism necessary for rapid execution


Our privileged links with SAP, combined with our permanent approach to technological monitoring and the appropriation of new SAP functionalities and technologies, mean that we will be able to offer you the relevant innovation in your context and when it is appropriate


The implementation of projects and services within the framework of strong commitments to results has been in our DNA since the company was founded. Applium's organisation, resources and tools are adapted accordingly


Our recommendations are never influenced by the interests of publishers. We will be critical if necessary in the interest of the projects and of our clients, in a search for a long-term partnership


We are able to address a very broad spectrum of subjects and methodologies, both technical and functional, and to mobilise specific expertise on request

Employee stability

The actions we carry out throughout the year, combined with a positive state of mind and a friendly atmosphere, make us one of the SAP partners with the greatest stability of our consultants


Our demanding recruitment criteria mean that we can provide you with the best consulting, financial, logistical and technological expertise available on the market


We guarantee you a strong presence at your side, and the availability of sociable and collaborative teams. The decentralisation of Applium's teams to 7 agencies in France contributes to our proximity


All our teams share the agile mindset whose core values are adaptation and communication

The men and women of Applium are driven by a team spirit and a high level of service.

We maintain this high level of service, and thus the satisfaction of our customers, through a series of concrete actions:
  • Rigorous selection at the time of recruitment. Personality, as well as a sense of service and customer satisfaction, are part of the selection criteria alongside experience and technical skills.
  • The company's mindset ensures that everyone is interested in and motivated by Applium's success (Company Savings Plan, bonus programme based on qualitative criteria, etc.).
  • Interviews with clients at the end of projects or services carried out by Applium employees.
  • Annual review with each employee in order to analyse their strengths and areas for improvement and to set qualitative objectives for the following year.
  • A skills development plan enabling each Applium employee to develop according to a plan defined at the time of recruitment and annual reviews. This is reflected in particular by a strong investment in training. Priority is given to training with software publishers (SAP France, OpenText, Microsoft).