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Plan d'Epargne Entreprise (PEE) Mutuelle et prévoyance Prime de participation Comité Social et Economique (CSE) Equipement Carte Ticket Restaurant (TR) Autres primes Télétravail Voitures de fonction et voitures à disposition Vélos de fonction

Applium is a human-sized company. Our success indisputably depends on the quality of our teams. It is these teams who are in daily contact with customers and their professionalism is the factor of success of ours projects and customer satisfaction. Applium's management devotes a significant portion of its time to creating and maintaining a work environment that offers many benefits to employees. You will find a summary below::

Company Savings Plan (PEE)

Applium offers all of its employees the opportunity to benefit from the Company Savings Plan (PEE) taken out with CIC. The PEE allows you to grow your savings by benefiting from very advantageous taxation for the sums deposited by employees and the company..

The sums collected by the PEE are placed in company mutual funds (FCPE) with varied management orientations. They can be distributed freely between the different FCPEs offered. The PEE is accessible to anyone with three months of seniority..

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Mutual and pension

Applium employees benefit from family health coverage and provident insurance under a Group contract signed with QUATREM (with the broker DIOT)..

These measures are effective from the 1st day of the employment contract without any seniority condition. And because the health of our teams is a priority, the company bears the cost of these contracts up to 75% of the total amount of the chosen formula (Isolated, Duo or Family).

Our health insurance covers, if the employee so wishes, the spouse and the children without any supplement. In addition, the Applium mutual includes an additional supplement covering fee overruns up to 80% of Actual Costs.

Participation bonus

Applium decided to introduce profit-sharing in 2007, so that employees benefit from the company's good results, to which they contribute significantly.

Social and Economic Committee (CSE)

Because it is important for Applium to always be attentive to its employees and to promote exchanges, the Management maintains close ties with employee representatives. Thus, plenary meetings are regularly organized throughout the year. Each party having the possibility of requesting the holding of an exceptional meeting when a subject cannot wait. And despite the constraints and the heavy workload, everyone makes it a point of honor to always participate.

Beyond its legal action, the CSE also allows any employee to benefit from numerous reductions: sports activities, theme park, ticket office (cinema, concert), press subscription... It is also at the origin of events between colleagues. The CSE thus contributes to the well-being of employees by ensuring an optimized environment but also, through permanent or occasional social actions.


Having up-to-date, high-performance IT and communication resources is a guarantee of efficiency and comfort for Applium employees.

Each Applium consultant has a high-performance laptop that is renewed every 3 years, an Office365 account, an MS Teams account (with an individual external telephone number), a Jabra headset and a mobile phone Iphone or Android depending on the requirements of the position occupied.

Each employee also benefits from a large, high-definition screen that is height-adjustable for greater comfort.

The various Applium agencies benefit from very high-speed access (fiber optics).

Each Applium consultant is also given an SAP S-User on arrival (or taking over the S-User if existing with their former employer) and access to several SAP ECC & S/4 Hana environments, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Invoice Management and Document Access…

Ticket Restaurant Carte (TR)

Applium employees benefit from dematerialized restaurant tickets worth €9 per day worked (even when working remotely!).

The company has chosen to provide Swile restaurant ticket cards in order to simplify the daily lives of its employees. Usable in all establishments accepting restaurant tickets in paper format, this new card also allows the use of modern delivery services such as Deliveroo.

other bonuses

Applium employees regularly receive salary bonuses based on positive actions that they benefit the company.

These actions can be for instance :

  • Opt in of a consultant as an employee: €3,000 bonus, paid at the end of the trial period of the co-opted person.
  • Commercial action or transmission of information concerning an SAP customer that allows the sale of licenses or SAP services: depending on the volume of business generated.In 2018, Applium paid more than €25,000 gross in bonuses to its consultant employees (excluding sales representatives).

Home office

Home office is fully integrated and accepted at Applium and considered a modern approach to working in a company. It is based on a relationship of trust and fair balance.

The only rule is to notify at least the day before and to remain available equivalent to one day of presence on site.

Nevertheless, while more and more companies, particularly within the SAP ecosystem, have chosen a mode of operation essentially oriented towards home office. Applium has chosen another approach: offering the advantages of home office and maintaining the existence of offices allowing people to meet and share business life. This is why we systematically open offices each time a new branch opens.

Company cars and cars availablei

For consultants who wishes and for whom it is justified in the context of their consulting activities, Applium offers to provide company cars. Employees can choose their vehicle among several electric or hybrid models.

The costs relating to company vehicles are entirely covered by it. The use of a company car constitutes a benefit in kind in accordance with the rules set by the french URSSAF.

Applium also has service vehicles in its various branches that can be made available to employees occasionally.

Compagny bikes

Concerned about its environment, one of APPLIUM's priorities is to encourage green vehicles.

To do this, we have chosen to provide our employees with a company bike rental service (with or without electrical assistance). The employee is free to pick his bike from several models offered by the partner BEE.CYCLE.

More than an ecological ally, it also allows employees to travel more easily, with complete peace of mind, without traffic jams.

So that this is a real advantage for the employee, APPLIUM has chosen to bear 100% of the rental costs but also the helmet, the lock... safety above all