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USF Convention 2022 : the best of

USF Convention 2022 : the best of
Publié le 19/10/2022
For this 32nd edition of the French-speaking SAP user convention, more than 3,000 participants walked the aisles of the Lyon Convention Center. You couldn't make it to the event or would like a reminder? Find our own best of the convention here under !

Applium Platinum Partner of the USF 2022 convention

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Applium has chosen to be a Platinum Partner of the USF 2022 Convention.

SAP users were warmly welcomed on a 21m² booth in keeping with the theme of this year's event: digital responsiveness all actors.

The entire team was able to talk to more than 90 visitors in an eco-responsible stand, designed in wood and decorated with real plants.

Nearly €2,000 raised thanks to the attendees of the USF convention

We suggested our own take on the Wheel of Fortune to commemorate Applium's 20th birthday. A revised rendition with the USF 2022 convention's theme—responsible digital, all players. This was a chance to gather funds for the ONF (Office National des Forêts) to help with replanting in the wake of this summer's devastating fires. Over the duration of the two convention days, €1,930 were raised thanks to the voluminous number of visitors to the booth!

Hack4green : Introducing solidex

With the USF, SAP France and the SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) have established the "Hack2Build for Green" program with SAP partners to accompany and support them for six months while they develop a cutting-edge app that is CSR focused of their choosing.
In consequence, Applium released an application created with SAP BTP.
The software, named as Solidex, will be available to all users, noSAP customers included. Its objective is to improve the surrounding ecology in support of the social and solidarity sector.
Its user-friendly interface makes it possible to link organizations and businesses in a donation method based on solidarity.

The Applium teams are proud to have been selected by the jury as a finalist and to have been able to demonstrate the application during the plenary session of the USF 2022 convention. Five contacts have indicated desire to use the application after a demonstration that did not leave the audience unmoved.

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Feedback from METEX NØØVISTAGO: A successful Move to Cloud from SAP S/4HANA On Premise to Microsoft Azure

The USF convention remains a privileged moment of dialogue between SAP users. This is an ideal opportunity to speak alongside Paul Stoffaes Director of Information Systems on his migration to Microsoft Azure

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Régie des Transports Métropolitains: a connector to facilitate exchanges with Chorus

The Régie des transports Métropolitains is a public institution in charge of operating the public transport network of Marseille and part of its metropolis. The RTM has chosen Applium to set up a chorus connector! Discover the reasons that motivated them to choose Applium as well as their feedback in the filmed customer testimonial.

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