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Business Intelligence

Applium's objective is to support you in the implementation of your BI tools so that they are agile, scalable and relevant to your decision-making and management. In this sense, we offer to support you, from your decision to use a BI tool to the use of your data. We are therefore involved throughout the life cycle of your BI projects.

Framing your BI strategy

Are you wondering about your tools, or have you already decided to change them? You don't always understand the landscape of BI applications offered by SAP, where they go, or what choice to make between on Prem's or Cloud, and why not hybrid?

Then we will help you to understand their specific uses, and which of your needs they best meet. A scoping study will be carried out in order to propose the BI strategy and the associated architecture that best suits you.

Project Owner Support

With many years of experience in BI and a real knowledge of SAP ERP, we support your users in defining their needs, as well as in their training and recipes. The objective is to ensure that the model implemented by our consultants corresponds to the needs of your users, while respecting the deadlines set.

Implementation of your solutions

We propose to model and implement your datawarehouse on a robust and flexible architecture so that your data models follow the evolution of your reporting needs, whether in BW, BW4/HANA, BW Embedded, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BI 4, or for your needs to define and activate new Analytics tiles in Fiori.

We set up your restitution tools (SAP BI 4, SAC) for your data models, whatever their source(s).

Mining your data

Applium supports the business to ensure that it appropriates the reporting tools by providing training. SAP reporting tools now enable users to highlight the company's key figures and also the growth drivers of tomorrow. We will lead your users to become the actors of their data by highlighting new insights, to increase their maturity and to extend the reach of their BI solutions.

AMS of your BI applications

Nothing is more iterative than BI, and we are aware that today's needs will not be tomorrow's. It is in this perspective that our ability to accompany you on a TMA allowing you to maintain and evolve your system, whatever its version, makes sense.

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Oh ! Hana !

Many users of SAP solutions are now at the crossroads of their application landscape, both from the point of view of their information system and their business intelligence system.

The arrival of SAP solutions on HANA and the end of maintenance for previous versions have accelerated the need to upgrade existing tools. Applium therefore assists its clients to ensure continuity of service for their reporting during S4/HANA conversions or migrations to BW/4HANA. Following a scoping and analysis of your systems, we will make proposals to ensure that these projects are successfully completed.

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