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SAP on Azure hosting (FLYtoAzure)

Our positionning

As an SAP solution integrator since 2002, Applium has a strong desire to offer its clients an ever-richer catalogue of services that are consistent with their business and needs. To this end, Applium has launched a hosting offer in 2019 that is in line with the current needs and requirements of IT departments in terms of SAP hosting and Cloud Computing (link to the Azure for SAP solution presentation page).

This packaged offer is called FLYtoAzure.

Applium has also worked to strengthen its partnership with Microsoft and SAP, thus benefiting from better visibility, access to the best experts and better positioning around the SAP on Azure offering.

Our service offer

Simplicity is the hallmark of our approach to Cloud for SAP. Experience has shown us that an overly complex approach to SAP infrastructure, no matter how relevant, is not compatible with innovative solutions like Azure. Microsoft spends a lot of energy simplifying the process of managing and using their cloud service, so we wanted to keep that momentum going by applying it to our SAP cloud offering.

Because a simple question often leads to a big change, we will always strive to provide you with a service that meets your expectations. Whether it is for reasons of budget optimisation, a better guarantee in terms of SLA and availability rate or for obvious reasons of hardware or physical security of your datacenter, there are many possible reasons to consider a move to the Cloud. Applium is committed to providing you with the best possible offer that corresponds to your precise needs.

  • Cloud migration in conjunction with an SAP upgrade or S/4 conversion
  • Total or partial migration of your SAP infrastructure
  • Optimisation of SAP test environment deployment scenarios
  • Reduction of your TCO
  • Creation of a DRP or PRA for your SAP landscape with hosting in the Azure cloud
  • ...

Focus on a SAP Move to Azure project


Did you know that ?

Azure is not only a public cloud provider, it also has a "hybrid" public/private offering, called Azure Stack, which allows total control of data access