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SAP Standard Maintenance

In today's increasingly competitive environment, it is essential that companies build their IT environments around high-performance networks and innovative business processes. That's why they need proactive support from experts who can help them manage the complexity of cross-functional solutions and optimise the lifecycle of each application.

The SAP Services organisation provides high-level maintenance services that can help you optimise your SAP solutions, reduce risk, accelerate innovation, and manage the lifecycle of your applications, delivering benefits in the following four areas

  • Continuous improvement and innovation - Access to the latest software and enhancement packages, as well as support packages and legal change packages, and advanced tools and procedures designed to help you implement and upgrade SAP software, including a five-day enhancement package strategy review by an SAP solutions architect
  • Critical operations support - A service commitment featuring fast initial response times and effective remediation, with 24/7 access to the SAP support centre, 24/7 cause analysis for SAP software and custom code, and ongoing quality checks to identify technical risks and optimisation potential
  • Global SAP support infrastructure - SAP ecosystem-wide collaboration with remote diagnostics through the SAP Solution Manager tool, which connects the customer to SAP experts around the world
  • Tools, methodologies, content, and community participation - Proven methodologies, practices, and standards to help you optimise your SAP software implementation and effectively manage your end-to-end operations.

SAP Active Global Support – a global organisation

  • More than 10,000 people dedicated to customer support
  • Presence in over 54 countries
  • Technical support for more than 15,000 developers
  • Centralized team responsible for all SAP installations worldwide
  • Database of technical risks faced by customers populated by all SAP customers worldwide
  • A personalised approach to customer support covering the implementation and continuous improvement phases.

SAP maintenance through a partner network

SAP is increasingly relying on its partners to provide support and maintenance for SAP customers. SAP customers can choose between two ways of marketing SAP Maintenance: 

  • SAP Delivered Support: the Maintenance contract is signed directly with SAP
  • VAR Delivered Support: the maintenance contract is signed with an SAP VAR

The advantages of SAP Standard Maintenance delivered by a partner are mainly the following:

  • The entry point for support is the VAR (Value Added Reseller) who participated in the implementation of the solutions. In the event of a request for Maintenance, the Customer is therefore in contact with people who are familiar with his solution and are able to provide more personalised answers, in your own language (French or English)
  • The customer benefits from the VAR's support infrastructure and in particular the SAP Solution Manager environments. The customer's SAP environments are connected to the VAR's Solution Manager servers. SAP Support connects to the customer's environments through the customer's Solution Manager servers. For SAP Delivered Support, the customer must install and administer their own SAP Solution Manager servers.
  • SAP Maintenance remains available at level 2. The VAR acts as an entry point and is not a substitute for SAP.

In the context of SAP Vendor Maintenance subscribed via a partner, maintenance requests are processed by the partner according to the following scheme:

SAP Solution Manager

The day-to-day management of SAP Maintenance is based on the functionality of SAP Solution Manager.
More information on SAP Solution Manager

PCoE, Partner Center of Expertise

In 2011, SAP introduced a certification programme for partners offering SAP support services. This programme is called Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE). Only certified partners are allowed to offer SAP maintenance services.

Applium, your SAP Standard Maintenance partner

As a VAR (distributor of SAP solutions), Applium offers its clients SAP maintenance and acts as the first level of expertise.
Applium is SAP PCoE (Partner Centre of Expertise) certified, a certification that has been required by SAP since 1 January 2012. The certification was renewed in April 2014, June 2016, June 2017, January 2019 and December 2020 (certification valid until 30 June 2023).
SAP Standard Maintenance is provided by Applium's SAP Centre for Support and Maintenance (CSM) (same teams as for the AMS, Outsourcing and hosting services).

Clients who entrust Applium with TMA, TME and SAP publisher maintenance benefit from a single point of entry covering:

  • SAP standard solutions
  • SAP parameterisation
  • Specific programs
  • Infrastructure