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SRP - Portail Fournisseur by Applium

The fluidity of exchanges between customers and suppliers is an important issue for productivity and cost reduction.
However, there are few relevant solutions when it comes to implementing a modern, ergonomic portal, perfectly integrated with SAP ERP (SAP ECC6 or SAP S/4HANA) and at a moderate cost.

Based on this observation, Applium has developed SRP (Supplier Relationship Portal), whose objective is to meet the following needs:

For suppliers:

  • simply check the status of your invoices at any time, without having to call your services
  • view payment information
  • create invoices directly
  • transform purchase orders into invoices
  • add attachments and comments to existing invoices

For companies using SAP:

  • significantly reduce supplier calls. Your accounting teams can focus on higher value-added tasks and increase their productivity
  • improve relationships with your suppliers
  • reduce processing times for supplier invoices and comply with legal deadlines for payment of invoices (Macron laws)
  • benefit from an audit trail (every action in the portal is traced and stored)
  • reduce supplier invoice processing costs

Powered by SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

As an SAP partner, Applium has chosen to develop and host its SRP supplier portal on SAP's Cloud Services Platform (Paas): SAP Business Transformation Platform


Applium is an authorized resseller of SAP BTP.

Available in version 1.0 from September 1, 2018, the features are as follows:

  • secure connexion
Ecran de connexion
  • Creation of a user for each new supplier who needs to access the portal
  • Activation of the account by the supplier
Registration of new suppliers

  • 4 tiles available :
    1. Management of information and administrative documents
    2. Visualization of current orders with the possibility of creating an invoice (or credit note)
    3. Invoice status query
    4. Filing of invoices
Menu de sélection
  • Supplier's legal information
    - Addresses and contacts
    - Bank details
    - Payment Terms
    - …
  • Administrative information (Siret, Intracom VAT, Insee number, Urssaf number, training approval, etc.)
  • Presentation of the suppliers and their products
  • Organization chart and main contacts
  • Administrative documents (Kbis, Urssaf certificate, list of foreign employees, tax regularity certificate, insurance certificate, etc.)
  • Other documents (quality certificates, various approvals, etc.)
  • Control of document validity dates with alerts
Information and administrative documents from suppliers
  • Display of purchase order list from SAP ERP
  • Search by period or by entering an order number
  • Launch of the invoicing process by clicking on the "Create invoice" button for one or more selected orders
Create an invoice or credit note
  • Create of the invoice (or credit note) via form: indication of quantities and amounts
  • Click on "Validate" to go to the next step
  • Once the validation is effective, it is no longer possible to modify the invoice
  • Preview of the invoice in PDF format before confirmation
  • Possibility of downloading the created PDF
  • Click on “Confirm” to send the invoice.
  • The conformity of the invoice will depend on the information previously entered in the "supplier data management" tile.
  • Search for invoices by period or by invoice number (all invoices concerning the supplier, including those not sent via the portal)
  • Display of the invoice(s) concerned, with indication of the status
  • Ability to display invoice image (if available in SAP ERP)
360° view of invoice status
  • Upload of one or more files (all formats)
  • Selection of invoices for sending
  • Send to SAP ERP by clicking on the "Send" button
  • Management of a tracking log for invoice deposits
  • Sending an alert to the accounting department concerned
Submit one or more invoices

Main characteristics :

  • Responsive Design
  • Available in French and English. Translation into other languages possible easily
  • Customization of invoice screens and forms by the customer and/or by the suppliers
  • Management of user access by "SAP authentication"
  • Multi companies
  • Strong possibilities of personalization and adaptation
  • Standard connection with SAP Invoice Management by OpenText (adaptations to be made for other solutions)
  • Possibility of depositing invoices on an existing document server (adaptations to be provided depending on the solutions)

The benefits of the SRP portal:

  • Digitization: elimination of paper flows and associated manual tasks
  • Integration: invoices are integrated with the ERP and your invoice dematerialization solution (OpenText, Readsoft, Itesoft, etc.)
  • Control: controls are managed via the ERP, facilitating the maintenance and evolution of management rules
  • Validation: only invoices that contain the minimum required data will pass the validation process and be integrated into SAP ERP
  • Reduction of errors: elimination of errors related to incorrect recording of data or incorrect interpretation of documents.
  • Traceability: the invoices received correspond to the orders, which simplifies the control procedures by the accounting department.