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SAP Invoice Management

« Dematerialise, optimise and make your supplier invoice management more profitable»

Managing invoices is a difficult task for many companies. With the increasing globalization of businesses, the approval process has become more complex. To make matters worse, approved invoices often contain incorrect or incomplete information, which can result in late payment penalties or supply chain disruption. Add to that the cost associated with photocopying and distributing paper invoices and everyone will agree:

Traditional invoicing is complex and expensive. It's time to go paperless for your suppliers!

The SAP Invoice Management (SIM) solution enables the implementation of :

Un processus complet de gestion des factures intégré dans SAP

  • Capture information from the invoice image and enrich it with SAP data: Make the most of your existing SAP repositories.
  • etermination of anomalies and approval agents:  Speed up the processing of your invoices by automatically sending them to the right people.
  • Set your own rules: Set up your own business rules, no matter how complex.
  • Automate invoice processing: Eliminate manual operations that have no added value.

Monitor the performance of your solution

  • Measure the performance of your processes: Follow the actions and their deadlines directly from SAP.
  • Different reports: :  Daily follow-up, monthly or annual reports. Several axes of analysis are provided to meet a maximum of needs around the solution.
  • Reports integrated in BW : Take advantage of SIM reports in the SAP data analysis tool.

A solution adaptable to complex environments

  • Multi-system connection: Define a single VIM environment and connect it to all your SAP systems..
  • Scalable:  : Leverage an architecture that fits your needs and volumes.

Mobile invoice processing

  • Multi-media validation: Validate your invoices from the tool of your choice.
  • FIORI compatibility:  Enjoy the new SAP FIORI ergonomics that adapt to the browser used.
  • Validate and much more : Why just validate with FIORI? Manage your invoices in anomaly directly in dedicated FIORI applications

LImplementing a solution such as SAP Invoice Management allows you to focus your accounting teams on value-added tasks.

SAP Invoice Management is a solution published by OpenText and available in the SAP solutions catalogue through a worldwide partnership that has existed for over 20 years. As SIM is an SAP add-on, the solution is fully integrated with SAP, in a totally transparent way for your SAP users.

SAP Invoice Management simplifies the processing of your invoices by automatically matching them with orders from SAP or, for invoices that have not been ordered, by providing approval workflows. The benefits are numerous:

  • Accelerate accounts payable operations across the enterprise through integration with SAP ERP.
  • Improve productivity and revenue by automating routing, approval and payment processes.
  • Optimise cash flow by streamlining workflows, sending reminders and accelerating the payment cycle.
  • Ensure accurate and timely financial reporting with automatic access to accounts payable information.
  • Support regulatory compliance with a well-managed accounts payable process using pre-configured rules.
  • Improve supplier relationships through easier access to accurate and timely information.

March 2021: New features in version 7.6 (ECC6) / 20.4 (S/4HANA)

The year 2020 was a milestone for the SAP Invoice Management by OpenText (VIM) product..

It marked the advent of a major new version of VIM in October 2020: 7.6 for SAP ECC6 or 20.4 for S/4HANA. This release introduces licensing changes, technical enhancements to workflows and interfaces, and new robotic automation features designed to help companies increase their return on investment.

SEE THE MAIN New features 

Customer references :

Each year, Applium carries out around ten projects for the implementation of OpenText solutions for SAP and provides corrective and evolutionary TMA for several user companies. Among the most recent, we can cite the following clients:

Customer SAP Version  Activity Location Invoices per year Applium services
Adisseo ECC6 Animal nutrition   France, Spain   38 000 Implementation, TMA  
Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition S/4HANA 1809 Animal nutrition  France 30 000 Implementation, TMA
Boulanger ECC6 Retail France 455 000 Implementation, TMA
Casino ECC6 Retail France 700 000 Migration de version
Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace (CHPG) ECC6 Health Monaco 50 000 Implementation, TMA
CS Group S/4HANA 1909    Engeneering France 20 000 Version Migration
Daher ECC6 Aéronautics France 210 000 Implementation
Dassault Aviation (en cours en 2020-2021)    ECC6 Aéronautics France 400 000 Implementation
Fichet Bauche Télésurvaillance ECC6 Security services France 2 000 Migration, TMA
Financière SAVE ECC6 Security and fire detection    France 43 000 Implementation, TMA
Jtekt (en cours en 2020) ECC6 Automotive equipment manufacturer France 90 000 Implementation
Lactalis (en cours en 2020) S/4HANA 1909 Dairy products France, Germany 600 000 Implementation
Les Echos ECC6 Press France 20 000 TMA
Mane (en cours en 2020-2021) ECC6 Perfumery France, USA 35 000 (France)  
25 000 (US)
Pierre Fabre S/4HANA 1909 Medicines France 140 000 TMA
Plastic Omnium Auto Exterior ECC6 Automotive equipment manufacturer France, Belgium, Germany, Spain…  100 000 Implementation, TMA
Prisma Media ECC6 Press France 45 000 Implementation, TMA
Régie des Transports Métropolitains ECC6 Transport France 30 000 Migration, TMA
Truffaut ECC6 Retail France 300 000 TMA
UGAP ECC6 Public purchasing group France 472 000 TMA
XPO Logistics ECC6 Logistics/transportation France 435 000 Migration

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