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OVHcloud for SAP

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The world is changing and data is becoming more and more important in our daily lives. In order to meet the needs implied by this omnipresence of information, OVHcloud offers to obtain a tailor-made infrastructure. Since its foundation in 1999, the French company has established itself as the reference partner in the European cloud. The host has a development model based on:

  • innovation,
  • complete control of the hosting chain from the production of its servers to the maintenance of its infrastructures,
  • the sovereignty of its service offer


Why choose OVHcloud for SAP?

OVHcloud offers certified and secure infrastructures to host your SAP environments in a sovereign cloud. This qualified SecNumCloud hosting offer is called Hosted Private Cloud.

With Hosted Private Cloud, OVhcloud offers a private infrastructure, hosted and managed by Applium and OVHcloud, relieving IT teams of infrastructure management. Combining the latest generation Intel hardware and VMware technology, this offering provides fully isolated and dedicated environments to secure the most critical workloads, such as SAP. The solution meets the requirements of ISO 27001, CSA STAR, SOC I and II type 2 certifications. Hosted Private Cloud combines the scalability of the cloud with a 100% dedicated hardware infrastructure. The virtualization of the platform, carried out using VMware technology, is entirely managed by OVHcloud.

The OVHcloud infrastructure complies with the security rules in force, such as for data processing, thus protecting the freedom of choice of users, the confidentiality and the sovereignty of their data. In addition, European OVHcloud data centers have regional SAP® in Cloud and Infrastructure Operations certification.


OVHcloud in figures

  • 38 PoPs and 32 Tbps of bandwidth
  • 2450 employees
  • 1.6 million customers in 222 countries
  • 33 Datacenters in 12 locations spread over 4 continents (North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania)
  • 400,000 physical servers in production

Protected data

The stored data benefits from high availability, integrity and confidentiality attested by OVHcloud certifications.

Data centers you need

Thanks to multiple locations, OVHcloud makes it possible to create its infrastructure as closely as possible to the needs of the company by optimizing latency times and in complete security, whether in North America or Europe.

A global network with a capacity of 32 Tbps proprietary

This fiber optic infrastructure deployed throughout the world delivers an optimal quality of service.

The VRack: the advantage of OVHcloud

Virtual network solution, the vRack, allows to:

  • Implement distributed storage devices between two, three, or four data centers around the world
  • Interconnect within a private inter-data center network to implement redundancy or multiple distribution.
  • Partition applications within your private network, filter client access and secure your data by deploying up to 4,000 VLANs

VRack technology is particularly suitable for:

  • the implementation of a disaster recovery plan (PRA) strategy
  • the implementation of a business continuity plan (BCP)

OVHcloud: holder of ANSSI's SecNumCloud security visa.

This visa certifies the level of security and data protection of the infrastructures and services provided in terms of protection vis-à-vis extra-European law. The OVHcloud for SAP offer guarantees a dedicated and secure environment for hosting critical applications and data processing:

  • Data centers are specially designed and deployed to ensure the sovereignty of the data and applications hosted there.
  • The infrastructures are operated and accessible only by European OVHcloud staff.
  • In a so-called "zero trust" approach, so-called "critical" actions on the infrastructure are subject to a multi-factor confirmation process, making it possible to reinforce the level of security of operations.
  • GDPR compliance is ensured over time and unambiguously because customer data remains in the European Union and is not subject to non-European extraterritorial laws.


OVHcloud certifications


This certification makes it possible to benefit from an infrastructure that complies with the requirements of the PCI SSC (PCI Standard Security Council) for the storage and processing of bank card data.


This international certification guarantees the implementation and effectiveness of internal controls related to information system security.


Matrix of all major existing repositories and transparency of our security practices.

ISO 27001, ISO 27017

This is a standard that lists the requirements that an information security management system must meet. To maintain this certification, a follow-up audit is planned every year and a full audit every three years.


Obtained in 2016 and issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, HDS approval for the hosting of personal health data.