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SAP Business Intelligence

While the last few years may have sown doubts and confusion within the SAP BI user community, it is now possible to have a clear vision of the vendor's BI strategy. Today, it is possible to envisage the field of possibilities, whether on premise or in the cloud, with access to your data in real time, whether on the desktop or mobile.

Based on our expertise, we have decided to build our offer on 3 major axes to enable you to find the right solution to your reporting problems:

SAP BW: the SAP Data Warehouse at the heart of a proven, robust and high-performance BI solution. Our expertise in BW allows us to offer services in the following areas:
  • Maintenance of your BW systems
  • Support for your BW4/HANA implementation projects, or the migration of your ECC to S/4HANA
  • The operation of your BW Embedded warehouse under S/4HANA

Thanks to our technology watch, we can provide you with the latest advances in BW/4HANA 2.0 (SP07)

The SAP BI 4 offer, which for a while suggested that it would disappear, has not yet seen any other tool that could replace it, especially in the operational reporting area. The arrival of version 4.3 in June 2020 offers a modern BI tool in Self-Service mode and we propose to benefit from its latest advantages:

  • Hybrid mode to combine BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud
  • A simpler, more empowering user experience integrated with Fiori, with customisable and shareable tiles and improved scheduling and publishing
  • Simplified deployment with faster updates and new accessible data sources like Google Big Query and Snowflake

Support your business as its needs evolve

Use the latest business intelligence (BI) technologies and a wide range of data sources through a flexible and scalable platform

Access comprehensive business intelligence tools

Turn your data into useful insights and make them available to those who need them most with a comprehensive suite of business intelligence applications

Efficiently distribute large amounts of content

Disseminate content, even across a very large organisation, to ensure that all decision-makers have continuous, real-time access to business intelligence, no matter where they are

SAP Analytics Cloud SAC), the latest of SAP's Analytics solutions, accessible online, is an all-in-one tool for dataviz, predictive analysis (Smart Discovery) and planning, making it possible to provide dashboards and strategic indicators to the business and management.

This tool has the advantage of being an intuitive and easy-to-use solution for the business.

SAC is a flexible solution that can be connected to other solutions in the SAP ecosystem (BW4/HANA, S/4HANA, SAP BI4.3, BPC, etc.).


All of these solutions complement each other and can be considered independently of each other, for maximum flexibility.
Your solution will be the one that corresponds to your needs, and Applium will help you to determine the best target for your situation, your data depth, your reporting needs, from scoping to production.