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SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


Are you tired of handling hundreds of Excel files that you can never be sure that they are up to date and complete?
The SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), formerly known as BusinessObjects Cloud, give to your employees a simple,access to the data they need in real-time.

With the intuitive interface of SAP Analytics Cloud users have an easier daily decision-making (reports, dashboards, etc.)thanks to the visual and ergonomic restitutions. Datas from SAP ECC or from different sources can be integrated, and analyzed, user friendly navigation, search and drill-down functionalities.
The SAP Analytics Cloud solution enable fasterdecisionsmaking and therefore significantly increase the productivity of the company.
SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) integrates the functionalities of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, SAP Roambi, SAP Lumira Discovery and SAP Analysis for OLAP into a single solution.

Key Functionalities

Business Intelligence

Real-time visibility and explore data with self-service data discovery capabilities. Deliver accurate and consistent data with native connectivity and tools for data governance..


Plan all your activities on a single planning platform accessible to everyone. Take advantage of advanced visualization, built-in collaboration, and built-in intelligence for better data-driven decision making..

Predictive analysis

Use SAP HANA in-memory technology and machine learning to identify relevant predictive information and assess future results in real time.

Integrated with SAP Cloud Platform and accelerated by SAP HANA In-Memory technology, SAP Analytics Cloud features can be used on any type of device.
The main characteristics of the solution are as follows:

Business Intelligence in SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Hybrid Data Access
  • Data visualization and storytelling
  • Designing visualizations for corporate communication
  • Data mining
  • real-time BI
  • Embedded real-time analytics
  • Built-in social media collaboration tools

Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud 

  • Advanced reporting tools
  • SAP HANA In-Memory Compute Engine
  • Business planning in the cloud
  • User-oriented financial modeling
  • Event Console (calendar function)
  • Integration and extensions (including SAP Business Planning and Consolidation)

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