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SAP Enable Now

The key to success for the transfer of knowledge and skills

In the digital age where the pace of change is accelerating, employees are increasingly forced to adapt to new business processes. Qualification is one of the most important bricks and the lack of knowledge is one of the first obstacles in digital transformation.

You face the following issues :  

  • Not complying to the Process causing additional workload,
  • Change of process not assimilated,
  • Occasional process: how to train and assist users?
  • Training and support for new recruits or temporary workers,
  • How to make users more autonomous, more efficient?
  • Large volume of level 1 support due to ignorance of the system and/or processes,
  • Loss of knowledge / internal skills (turnover, absences),
  • Incomplete or even absent supports, problems with monitoring and updating the Documentation,
  • Lack of a defined process for updating learning materials

It is essential that your employees keep their skills at a high level and their knowledge up to date in order to improve performance
Change induces training needs!

SAP Enable Now

The SAP Enable Now solution is a complete solution to collaboratively create and deploy the following training modalities:

  • Traditional training: creation of support for e-learning programs, "micro-learning" on demand, monitoring and evaluation of knowledge, etc.
  • Informal training: self-training (interactive demo, exercise and test mode), sharing and centralization of knowledge; user manuals and documentation (processes), test scripts, etc.
  • Active Support: Next-generation contextual help whose assistance and content are provided according to the context of the application usedQuel que soit le type de formation (classique, informelle ou soutien actif), SAP Enable Now vous donne les moyens de créer et de dispenser vos cours de manière simple et efficace (voir Figure 1) .

Figure 1: Courses created and delivered collaboratively with SAP Enable Now

It also offers flexible deployment options allowing user access on-premises or access in the cloud.
SAP Enable Now can be used with any IT solution, not just SAP solutions


The SAP Enable Now solution makes it possible to combine different types of content intended to be read, listened to or viewed, in order to create a stimulating and motivating learning environment.
It allows you to easily create very precise and reusable training materials.
With just a few clicks you add detailed and fully interactive videos, animations or software simulations.

For optimal return on investment, you can distribute and use this training content almost immediately.
You can also enhance the content by including custom formatting.


With SAP Enable Now, generate your supports and manuals automatically, from software simulations, taking into account your own templates.

Generate and distribute a knowledge library, centralizing your existing documentation with the one created by SAP Enable Now.

The link to the library can be integrated in applications and portals, in intranet research, emails / signatures, intranet,... to simplify access and promote the dissemination of information.

Translation and content lifecycle management: SAP Enable Now offers content translation functionality, an automated maintenance and update tool for its media, a content validation workflow, etc.


The SAP Enable Now solution supports your employees on new or modified processes with instructions, advice and recommendations from supporting documents that appear automatically.

Give users the proactive support they need to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently.

The software detects the context in which the user works, then offers him various adapted supports:

  •  Guid Tour: The input area of the stream is highlighted. Once entered, the next zone to be entered is highlighted in turn, the user is thus guided throughout his entry.
  • Context Help : visual indications are placed on the buttons or areas of the application. The user then has access to additional information (management rules, triggered actions, etc.) in order to better understand and control the flow
  • Simulation : L’utilisateur a accès à une démonstration dynamique du flux. Il peut le rejouer le process dans un mode exercice ou accompagné.

Two ways to broadcast the content :

  • The Desktop Assistant for any office, web and SAP S/4 application
  • The Web Assistant for SAP Web solutions (Fiori, Ariba, TM, SuccesFactors…)

What to expect ?

  • Acceleration of the adoption of changes by providing active support and continuous access to information,
  • Reduction of user errors thanks to the help provided on the tasks in progress,
  • Autonomous and operational new recruits more quickly by providing active support and continuous access to information,
  • Reduction of 1st level calls to IT thanks to continuous access to information,
  • Reduce training costs and operating expenses with Content Lifecycle Management
  • Improved success in training, satisfaction and retention of employee skills through precise, varied and interactive content,
  • Improved TCO through faster and more efficient skill uptake.
  • Accelerated ROI of enterprise applications (SAP and non-SAP) with a proven knowledge transfer solution
  • Improving the quality of your data and reducing the execution time of your business processes thanks to relevant support adapted to the function.
  • Acceleration of content creation in all areas of the company

Key points :

With SAP Enable Now, the leading knowledge content management solution, your employees unlock their full potential and are at their maximum productivity.
This solution allows you to support each of your employees by quickly and efficiently creating a wide variety of content, for traditional or informal training or active support.

Increase the productivity of your workforce:
Confident in hours, competent in days

Maximize change adoption for IT and non-IT changes

Improve the quality of your data and reduce the execution time of your business processes

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