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Who is Adoma?

Adoma, a mixed economy company and a subsidiary of the CDC Habitat group, was created in 1956 by the French public authorities to welcome migrant workers. With over 88,000 people housed or accommodated, more than 79,000 homes, and nearly 3,000 employees, Adoma has, for 60 years, combined expertise in real estate and social support to establish itself as a key player in solidarity. Today, Adoma is the leading French operator of very social housing nationwide.

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The Project's Genesis

Adoma, linked to public procurement, decided to launch a consultation in November 2022 for an upgrade of SAP ECC6 environments to SAP S/4 HANA while preferring hosting in a Sovereign Cloud. APPLIUM's offer, in partnership with OVHcloud, seemed to us to be the best proposal.

Challenges and Objectives

The project's objective is clear: To perform a rehosting of existing SAP ECC6 On-premise environments to OVHcloud and build a new SAP S/4HANA landscape on OVHcloud.

The Halfway Testimonial!

Interview conducted in August 2023 during the end of the acceptance testing phase.

Thierry Le Dilosquer Head of IT Infrastructure

We launched a consultation for the implementation of a move2cloud project for existing SAP ECC6 environments and the creation of a new SAP S/4HANA landscape in the cloud in 2023.

At this stage of the project, the choice of the cloud does not only concern SAP since ADOMA has already started the cloudification of its IT. We decided to include SAP in the scope to benefit from the scalability of our SAP infrastructure. Indeed, we were facing a growing threat to our ability to evolve our existing SAP infrastructure. 

Transition to S/4HANA: A Strategic Choice Driven by Technical Constraints and the Search for Cloud Sovereignty

The decision to convert our SAP ERP ECC6 to S/4HANA only emphasized this technical constraint. Another determining factor was the limited availability of our internal IT teams to handle 2 other critical projects, the adoption of new SaaS solutions for our collaborative and internal messaging tools, in parallel with their activities. To conclude on this point, we consider it essential for us to continue the transformation of our IT to stay at the forefront technically with the goal of being able to offer more services and innovation capacity to our business users.

After a thorough analysis of the bidders, we selected OVHcloud for cloud hosting and Applium for the design and implementation phases of the migration. Additionally, we are considering collaborating with Applium for the management of our cloud infrastructure and SAP system. The choice of the cloud provider was quickly resolved. As a public sector actor, we wanted to comply with the latest directives from the French government regarding data hosting, with an external cloud qualified by ANSSI as "trusted." Our CISO worked towards this by expressing his refusal of any non-sovereign cloud hosting solution. Therefore, our choice was unequivocally directed towards OVHcloud, a major player in hosting, and adhering to our specifications. It had to primarily guarantee the sovereignty of our data and provide certified infrastructure for SAP usage in the cloud. Of course, we expected other assurances... performance, security, scalability, and certifications to prove it.

Choice of Applium and OVHcloud: Guarantee of Our Success in Migrating SAP to the Cloud