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SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

Paas by SAP

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is an open cloud services platform (PaaS) that offers all the features to develop, integrate, deploy and manage your applications with agility.

Comprehensive and secure, it has been designed to enable rapid innovation, without infrastructure constraints, regardless of the size of your organisation, and on all fronts: analytics, predictive, mobility, IoT, Big Data, APIs, user experience, and many others
SAP BTP enables the development of modern applications using open standards and skills that many organisations already have: Java, JavaScript, and HTML5 (Fiori).

Integration with customers' SAP ECC6 or SAP S/4HANA backends is standard and simple. The PaaS approach brings significant gains in terms of cost, ease of implementation, functionality and scalability

Applium is a reseller of SAP BTP subscriptions.

Features and services:

Corporate Mobility:

Leverage a comprehensive application development environment to create mobile applications that accelerate your business processes. Customise your business applications based on data, rely on strong security at all touch points, and deliver applications that provide an engaging user experience.

User experience:

Deliver a personalised, role-based user experience across all your functional departments, for all tasks and on all devices. Discover an integrated user interface component based on modern design principles, helping you create and develop a simple, personalised and responsive user experience.

Collaborative services:

Facilitate collaboration and teamwork throughout your organisation, no matter how large or small. Our services empower your employees to organise and share information across workspaces, enabling you to improve the quality of work while reducing the time it takes to complete projects and achieve business goals.

Integration :

Seamlessly integrate cloud-native applications into your operational environment. Link your critical business data to create customer-specific applications in hybrid, on-premises, and cloud environments. Leverage APIs to interact with customers, trade with new partners, and expand into new markets.

Security :

Our cloud-based application development platform offers tightly integrated security services to protect the applications you develop, and your business, from threats.

Analysis tools:

Provide your organisation with the actionable information it needs to thrive. Discover a comprehensive portfolio of analytics solutions designed for the cloud: Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data analytics, and integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) analytics.

Internet of Objects (IoT) :

Develop, deploy, and manage IoT, machine-to-machine (M2M), and remote data synchronisation applications quickly and in real time with the SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things service. Integrate and manage connected remote devices. Use real-time predictive analytics to improve your decision making, whether central or secondary.

Data Management and Storage:

Discover simple and scalable ways to store, manage, share and access your data. These services provide unparalleled data security, availability, management and analysis for your business applications, enabling you to accelerate innovation.

Development and IT operations (DevOps):

Use SAP BTP DevOps services to simplify application development and lifecycle management. Improve team productivity by enabling teams to code and collaborate from anywhere.

Management services:

SAP's business services provide an open market for new SAP Hybris applications from independent software vendors and other third parties. Sell your applications to other companies or opt for pre-configured applications for customer service, e-commerce or micro-business services based on In-Memory technology.

Execution containers: 

SAP BTP applications run on a modular, lightweight application runtime container, where they can use the platform's service APIs and JAVA EE APIs in accordance with standard templates. This makes it easier to create and run custom JAVA EE applications and SAP HANA XSJS and HTML5/JavaScript-based applications in the cloud.