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SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba Snap is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses to easily and quickly implement the market-leading, integrated SAP Ariba solution for supply chain management. Ariba Snap's package help users to manage direct and indirect categories in a simplified and intuitive 100% cloud environment. Backed by decades of procurement expertise, it’s suitable for all user profiles: purchasing manager, buyer, end user, supplier, supplier. With digitalization and automation in every step of your procurement process, you stop losing time on manual processes. With role-based dashboards that present real-time information, get actionable insights that help keep expenses under control and reduce costs.

Bénéficiant de décennies d'expertise de SAP Ariba dans le domaine de l'approvisionnement, SAP Ariba Snap propose des outils simples d'utilisation au sein d'une solution :

  • Packaged and priced to fit each business sizes 
  • Built to improve cash flow, control, and compliance without adding complexity
  • Scalability by design
  • Get rid of time consuming tasks and focus on more strategic sourcing and procurement activites

SAP Ariba Snap package is designed to be depoyed in less thant 3 monthss. Within a full package solution, users can build adoption over time and unvail new functionalities at its own pace. SAP Ariba Snap is not a light version of Ariba SNAP rather than a package solution of the essentials features dedicated for a faster implementation.
Ariba SNAP is marketed as a Cloud Subscription based on the annual volume of spend flowing through SAP Ariba. Princing is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

SAP Ariba Network

SAP Ariba Network is a dynamic digital marketplace that enables millions of trading partners in 190 countries to transact more than €1.2 trillion each year.
SAP Ariba Network makes it easy for buyers and suppliers to collaborate, strengthen relationships, and identify new business opportunities. Buyers can manage their entire purchasing process, control their spending, find new sources of savings and set up an efficient supply chain. Suppliers can help buyers achieve their digital procurement transformation goals, improve user satisfaction, simplify sales cycles and improve cash flow.

connected companies
a new compagnie join the network
1 200
Billion €
amount of annual transactions
millions of documents each yeare
million items in the catalog
million users

The Ariba Network product and supplier catalog is available online. It allows you to search for articles and suppliers according to numerous criteria (category of products and services, geographical area, turnover, specific criteria such as "company belonging to a minority", "company with ecological initiatives...)

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