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SAP Solution Manager

Get the most out of your SAP solution environment. SAP Solution Manager provides tools, content, and direct access to SAP to enable end-to-end management - from deployment to monitoring and enhancing solutions. Governed by an SAP support contract, this solution helps you optimise key business processes and your IT infrastructure.

Support for your SAP Business Suite projects

  • Accelerate the implementation of SAP Business Suite with a process-driven strategy and content from SAP Solution Manager.
  • Accelerate the design, configuration and final preparation of project phases.
  • Gain efficiency in project administration.
  • Enable centralized control of all component implementations.

Control changes to your IT environment

  • Control all software and configuration changes within your IT infrastructure with SAP Solution Manager.
  • Establish approval processes for change requests, deployments and reviews.
  • Preserve the quality of the solutions.
  • Ensure traceability of changes.

Accelerate test preparation and execution

  • SAP Solution Manager helps you improve your testing processes.
  • Have a central access point to the entire system environment.
  • Centralize the storage of documents and test results.
  • Support testing of all components.

Boost the efficiency of your help desk

  • The IT service management features supported by SAP Solution Manager can help you manage incidents effectively and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Centralize the management of support messages.
  • Streamline issue and request management.

Accelerate problem resolution through root cause analysis

  • Leverage diagnostics built into SAP Solution Manager to identify, analyze, and resolve issues faster, even in heterogeneous environments.
  • Detect performance bottlenecks.
  • Isolate exceptional situations.
  • Log activity, including that of unique users or processes.
  • Observe changes to your production environment.

Monitor solutions in real time

  • Centralize real-time solution monitoring, including business processes and interfaces, and avoid critical issues with SAP Solution Manager.
  • Accelerate and simplify system administration.
  • Monitor inter-system dependencies.
  • Provide proactive solution monitoring.
  • Speed up response times using automatic notifications.

Facilitate service level management and reporting

  • SAP Solution Manager lets you easily define service levels and access automated service reports.
  • Obtain complete reporting on all the systems in your environment.
  • Rely on a consolidated report to make strategic IT decisions.

Take advantage of SAP support services

  • SAP Solution Manager provides SAP support services and appropriate service recommendations to improve the execution of your solutions.
  • Manage technical risks.
  • Optimize the management of your solutions.
  • Benefit from software patch packages.

Simplify system administration

  • Streamline system administration with centralized, unified access to all your SAP technologies.
  • Deploy administrative tasks from a central console.
  • Run tasks locally on the appropriate systems.