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Document management and archiving (MOVEtoDIGITAL)

The Applium teams can support you at all stages of the life cycle of SAP OpenText solutions:

Advice, product expertise and adaptation
  • Although Applium pushes clients to use the Opentext standard to the maximum, we have the experience and expertise to help you define your needs and adapt the tool to your requirements where necessary
  • Audit your Opentext solutions in order to get the best out of them
Support for legal compliance
  • Implementation of an archiving server
  • Preparation for archiving with probative value so that the receipt of PDF invoices complies with the PAF
  • Implementation of carbon copy generation to eliminate paper copies of invoices Extraction of invoice images for accounting audit
Assistance in updating your reliable audit trail
  • With the help of our partners, we offer assistance in scoping and updating your reliable audit trail documentation to secure your tax audits
Implementation of electronic invoice receipt
  • Assistance with the integration of supplier invoices received by e-mail
  • Assistance with the integration of supplier invoices received by IDOC
Implementation of our APPLIUM SRP supplier portal in the Cloud
  • Proposal for the implementation of the SRP portal
  • Possibility of adaptation to your needs and architecture
Implementation of the interconnection with CHORUS, with a view to the generalisation of inter-company electronic invoicing (deadline 2024/2026)
  • Implementation of a connector allowing the deposit and retrieval of invoices in the Chorus Pro state portal.
  • This portal is called A2C and operates either on premise or in the Cloud (via Cloud Connector technology)
Assistance in upgrading your Opentext solutions
  • Opentext solutions evolve regularly (at least once a year). Applium offers upgrades when the updates to the new version are significant or when the previous version becomes obsolete
Ergonomic access to SAP and Mobility with SAP FIORI 
  • Implementation of the SAP Fiori technical base, On Premise or on SAP BTP
  • Implementation of standard Opentext tiles
  • Implementation of specific, ad-hoc tiles, entirely customised and in the latest version of SAP UI
  • Implementation of security keys ("sec keys") on the archiving server to secure access to the invoice image in mobility, with the implementation of the Opentext Webviewer component
Ability to provide comprehensive training
  • A training course allowing the client to acquire complete autonomy on all VIM functionalities, whether from a business, technical or functional administration point of view
Change Management
  • Project owner support- Assistance to the onboarding of suppliers (Elaboration of the communication campaign, communication kit & personalised support to suppliers)
  • Project owner support - Assistance to the client's internal change management (Internal communication campaign & internal communication kit)
Support for deployment
  • Applium supports its clients in their VIM deployments, both in France and abroad
  • As a preamble, we offer assistance in finalising the Core Model
Assistance with the integration of other documents
  • Customer attachments and invoices
  • Customer orders
  • Delivery notes
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of orders
Support for the implementation and maintenance of an EDM
  • Content server
  • X-ECM
  • Strong network of partners to support certain specialities
Sporadic interventions on other dematerialisation solutions
  • Docuware/Sap connection, Itesoft support, Readsoft/Kofax support...
  • Consulting and reselling of SAP and Opentext licences
Innovative Application Managed Services (AMS and standard SAP maintenance
In addition to its strong partnership with SAP and OPENTEXT, Applium has a solid network of partners enabling it to respond to all issues related to dematerialisation and EDM
  • Collaboration with external digitisation companies (BPO), which receive, sort, scan, video-code and/or legally archive invoices outside the customer's company
  • Partnerships for projects with a strong change management dimension

SAP/OpenText solutions :

  • SAP Invoice Management by Opentext (Opentext Vendor Invoice Management)
  • SAP Information Capture (Opentext Intelligent Capture) or its cloud version, SAP Information Capture Core by OpenText
  • SAP Archiving & Document Access by Opentext or its cloud version, SAP Archive and Doc Access Core by OpenText
  • SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management

Applium solutions :

Customer references :

Each year, Applium carries out around ten projects for the implementation of OpenText solutions for SAP and provides corrective and evolutionary TMA for several user companies. Among the most recent, we can cite the following clients:

Client SAP version Business Scope Nb of invoices/year Applium Services
Adisseo ECC6 Nutrition animale    France, Spain 38 000 Implementation, AMS  
Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition S/4HANA 1809 Nutrition animale France 30 000 Implementation, AMS
Boulanger ECC6 Grande Distribution France 455 000 Implementation, AMS
Casino ECC6 Grande Distribution France 700 000 Version upgrade
Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace (CHPG) ECC6 Santé Monaco 50 000 Implementation, AMS
CS Group S/4HANA 1909    Service, Ingéniérie France 20 000 Version upgrade
Daher ECC6 Aéronautique France 210 000 Implementation
Dassault Aviation (en cours en 2020-2021)    ECC6 Aéronautique France 400 000 Implementation
Fichet Bauche Télésurvaillance ECC6 Services de sécurité France 2 000 Version upgrade, AMS
Financière SAVE ECC6 Sécurité et détection incendie    France 43 000 Implementation, AMS
Jtekt (en cours en 2020) ECC6 Equipementier Automobile France 90 000 Implementation
Lactalis (en cours en 2020) S/4HANA 1909 Produits laitiers France, Germany 600 000 Implementation
Les Echos ECC6 Presse France 20 000 TMA
Mane (en cours en 2020-2021) ECC6 Parfumerie France, United-Sates 35 000 (France)  
25 000 (US)
Pierre Fabre S/4HANA 1909 Médicaments France 140 000 AMS
Plastic Omnium Auto Exterior ECC6 Equipementier Automobile France, Belgium, Germany, Spain…  100 000 Implementation, AMS
Prisma Media ECC6 Presse France 45 000 Implementation, AMS
Régie des Transports Métropolitains ECC6 Transport France 30 000 Version upgrade, AMS
Truffaut ECC6 Grande distribution France 300 000 AMS
UGAP ECC6 Groupement d'achats public France 472 000 AMS
XPO Logistics ECC6 Logistique/transport France 435 000 Version upgrade

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