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ARS - Applium Resource Scheduling

With the Applium Resource Scheduling (ARS) suite of applications, you have a simple and ergonomic solution for managing the use of your resources and simplifying the planning stages of your business.
Developed by Applium, ARS is fully modular and perfectly integrated with SAP HR, PS or even PM (SAP ECC6 or SAP S/4HANA On Premise and Private Cloud). Based exclusively on the SAP Fiori interface, ARS facilitates the user experience with modern and intuitive ergonomics.

The application is thus directly available on the user's homepage:

Employee Management

The employee management application allows the hiring of employees in HR, their assignment to a team, and the addition and deletion of skills.

Employee management demonstration video:

Resource planning

The resource planning application allows the identification of resources to be allocated to different business tasks, and vice versa.

The available resources are identified according to the compatibility criteria predefined in the design: expertise, training received, grades, teams, etc.

Assigning a task to a resource can be done by drag and drop.

A load/availability check is automatically performed, according to the principles defined in the design:

  • An overload indication may be displayed
  • An overload lock can prevent the planned overload resource from being allocated
  • The user can also be notified by an overload warning message with a proposal of possible actions:

The user can notify employees by email, with integration into Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

Resource planning demonstration video:

Workload planning

The workload planning application allows users to analyse the workload of their teams, the planned requirement and the remaining work to be planned.

The graphical display allows a quick analysis of the load distribution to be performed:

Workload management video :


In its version 1.0, ARS includes the following features:

  • Employee Management" application
  • Hiring employees in HR
  • Assignment of competences
  • Resource Planning" application
  • Assigning PS cases to employees
  • Search for the most suitable resources for the tasks
  • Notification of employees by email (integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar)
  • Create unavailability
  • Workload planning application
  • Employee load
  • Planned need
  • Need to be planned
  • Highlighting of the possible overload
  • Graphical view
  • Annual business review" application
  • Yearly view of created, launched or closed business


The roadmap includes the following improvements:

  • Employee Management application
  • Management of the geographical location
  • Resource planning application
  • For companies already using SAP HR, integration of holidays and pre-entry of working hours
  • Consideration of the necessary sequentiality of tasks in a case in the planning
  • Geographical information on cases and resources (with interactive map filter)
  • My Inbox: workflows for validation of resource assignments
  • New "Company Calendar" application
  • Management of events common to teams or to the entire company (seminars, annual closures, etc.)


The proposed methodological approach enables the implementation of an operational solution adapted to your context in less than 4 weeks:

ARS can be easily adapted to each client's business processes and organisation.